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For those who are among the thousands working in the Energy Corridor, there is good reason why you’d like to have an apartment home in the community.  However, there is very good reason why people may choose to live there even if they don’t work in the community. Not only is it a great place to settle down and really get the most out of life, it is the perfect place to unwind when the business of living is done.  According to the Energy Corridor’s own website,

“Every aspect of living well is addressed beautifully. … The Energy Corridor offers the region’s highest ranked schools and day care facilities, a wide range of social and religious organizations, music and entertainment, and world – class healthcare.  But that’s just the start….”

When you live in the Energy Corridor everything you need in life can be find right in your own backyard.


Great Communities

While you’re sure to find a perfect apartment setting in the Energy Corridor no matter what your needs, it will only be as good as the community you choose to live in.  The Corridor has a number of well-established and prestigious neighborhoods that have prompted people from all over the country to come and enjoy the awesome life you’ll lead by living there.  The suburban lifestyle it offers provides you with everything you’d need to live, work, and even have fun when it’s all over and done with. 


Natural Environment

Of course, life is always better when you can live where you’re surrounded by natural beauty and life in the Corridor will be no different.  Residents will find the entire community and its outlying areas are full of pure and unspoiled landscape that can help many to truly appreciate the awesomeness of nature in all of its splendor.  According to Richdale Writes,

“This community is surrounded by two of the largest unspoiled natural areas of any metropolitan region in the U.S. Over 26,000 acres of lush parks, bayous and reservoirs, and more than 50 miles of trails lead to beautiful energy campuses, and secure, attractive neighborhoods.”

If it’s nature that you want, living in the Energy Corridor will make sure that you have plenty of it.  When you want to take out your golf clubs for an afternoon, or take a bike ride around town, jog for a while, or just enjoy what’s in front of you, there’ll be no shortage of activities you can try when you’re in the great outdoors of the corridor.



Another great asset we find for those in the Corridor is its great location.  Not only will residents be able to cut their work commute to a minimum, they’ll also find they’re within a short distance from local hospitals, clinics, and other facilities that may be directly connected with the Texas Medical Center.  Because of this, you’ll never have to worry about being too far from medical treatment if and when you should need it.


High End Apartment Living

In addition, living in an apartment in the Energy Corridor has its own host of blessings that can’t compete with housing options in other locations.  Not only will you have the luxury amenities that are included in some locations, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to have an apartment home that has enough space, provides the right amenities, and put’s you in the ideal location for you to extend your life.  Numerous planned communities have made sure that tons of green space is found in every corner of the region.  This feature alone makes life here extremely popular.  According to the Apartment Finder,

“Because of rapid growth, existing walking, hiking, jogging, and bike trails will soon connect to new trails and paths, making it possible for area residents to walk to work.”

When you choose to move to the Energy Corridor, such as in Alexan Enclave Apartments, it is clear that you are not just choosing a new apartment home to settle in; you’re also choosing a completely new and more vibrant lifestyle to go with it.  So, whether you’re an environmentalist that loves getting out in the elements to get the most out of life, or you’re just a homebody that rarely opens your door for anything, finding life in the Energy Corridor may be all that you need to shape your life into exactly what you wanted.

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